mercury thermostats

Mercury is a shiny, silver liquid that can evaporate into a colorless, odorless vapor. It is harmful to humans and wildlife, and is found in many products including fluorescent bulbs, old thermostats, and thermometers. Handle these items with care to avoid releasing the mercury and poisoning yourself, others, and the environment – these items should never go in the trash. You can dispose of unbroken fluorescent bulbs at many places in Vermont – find a location near you here: Vermont – Lamp Recycle. Mercury thermostats are covered by a Vermont state EPR program and are free to dispose of; bring them to a hazardous waste facility or to CVSWMD’s Additional Recyclable Collection Center (ARCC). Other devices containing mercury can also be recycled at CVSWMD’s ARCC – fees apply. Learn more about mercury devices here. 

Broken fluorescent bulbs should be handled carefully, and should be brought to a hazardous waste collection or a hazardous waste facility 

  • Broken fluorescent bulbs and CFLs
  • Light bulbs/lamps, fluorescent, intact
  • Mercury thermostats, unbroken
  • Mercury-containing devices, unbroken (thermometers, switches, relays, sensors)