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Title Author Sort descending Last update
Holiday string lights, Christmas lights cassandra
Gift wrap, metallic, foil, shiny, sparkle, coated cassandra
Mercury (liquid, loose, broken mercury-containing products) cassandra
Hearing aids cassandra
Paint (automotive, non-architectural, not household) cassandra
Recycle balls cassandra
Concrete and masonry Theron
Construction and demolition debris Theron
Printers, desktop Theron
Copiers and printers, floor model Theron
Cords, cables, adaptors, and electrical wires Theron
Furniture, couches, sofas, recliners, etc. Theron
Creosote, soot, and wood ash, (no coals) Theron
Dehumidifiers Theron
Drink pouches (juice, cocktails, etc.) Theron
Egg cartons, paper Theron
Computer monitors, any type - CRTs, flat-panel, LCD, and plasma displays Theron
Fabric and textiles, bedding, linens, curtains, towels Theron
Fire extinguishers Theron
Fireworks and explosives Theron
Floppy disks Theron
Flower pots, plant pots, plastic (non-black) Theron
Fluorescent and CFL bulbs, lamps and tubes Theron
Food scraps, food waste Theron
Food for donation Theron
Gasoline and gas/oil mixtures Theron
Glassware and ceramics Theron
Glass bottles and Jars, Unbroken Theron
Hearing aids, batteries removed Theron
Pump heads and spray triggers Theron
Hydraulic fluids Theron
Hypodermic needles, lancets, syringes, sharps Theron
Irons Theron
Joint compound and spackling Theron
Junk mail Theron
Kerosene Theron