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Title Author Last update Sort ascending
Tires, commercial truck Theron
Tires, car and passenger truck Theron
Tape dispensers and cores Theron
Styrofoam or starch peanuts Theron
Ski and snowboard equipment Theron
Home Composting Theron
Shoes, clean, dry, and in pairs Theron
Shaving razors, blades, and packaging Theron
Scrap Metal Recycling Outlets in the CVSWMD Theron
Bolduc Metal Recycling admin
Scrap metal, 4'x4' and larger Theron
Scrap metal, under 4’x4’ Theron
Prescription pill, vitamin, and supplement bottles, less than 2"x2" Theron
Prescription pill, vitamin, and supplement bottles, greater than 2"x2" admin
Staples Theron
Pens, crayons, makers, and pencils Theron
O'Reilly Auto Parts Theron
Oil filters Theron
Hazardous chemical containers, empty (used motor oil, bleach, cleaners, disinfectants, pesticides, etc.) admin
Motor oil Theron
Mothballs (paradichlorobenzene) Theron
Metal roofing and siding Theron
Medical equipment and supplies - walkers, toilet stands, crutches, wheelchairs, CPAP, etc. Theron
Lawn mower, gas powered, push mower (fluids drained) cassandra
Hire a Waste Hauler Theron
Light bulbs/lamps, incandescent, halogen, LED, UV (no neon) Theron
Sleep Well Recycling Theron
Lead paint chips Theron
Instrument strings (used), nylon or other Theron
Instrument strings (used), metal Theron
Hypodermic needles, lancets, syringes, sharps Theron
Helium tanks, 20 pound size, EMPTIED Theron
Gift wrap, metallic, foil, shiny, sparkle, coated cassandra
Drink pouches (juice, cocktails, etc.) Theron
Creosote & soot Theron
Covid-19 Home Test Kits Theron