Packing materials: peanuts, Styrofoam or starch

  • Contact your local shipping business: UPS, FedEx, etc. to donate
  • Donate or sell through FPF or Craigslist
  • If starch-based, soak in warm water to dissolve 
  • Recycle through Terracycle
  • Trash


Expect fees

Landfill Banned Item


Special Recycling



  • Office/Mailing stores

    Check with your local office and/or mailing stores to see if they will accept packing materials for reuse.

  • Shipping businesses

    Contact your local shipping businesses to see if they accept these materials.

  • TerraCycle offers many programs for recycling certain products and materials. Check out their website to learn more!

    1 (866) 846-7786

  • You can dispose of this item in your regular trash