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Textiles Theron
Aerosol cans, empty, toxics (pesticides, paint, solvents, etc.) Theron
Tyvek Theron
Aerosol cans, not empty, toxics (pesticides, paint, solvents, etc.) Theron
Catalogs Theron
Asphalt shingles, nonreusable Theron
Black plastic Theron
Caps and lids, metal Theron
Drywall Theron
Prescription pill, vitamin, and supplement bottles, less than 2"x2" Theron
Tanglers Theron
Corks, natural and artificial Theron
Aluminum: cans, pie plates, foil, siding, etc. (smaller than 4x4 feet) Theron
Christmas trees and wreaths, metal Theron
Ammunition Theron
Baby food squeeze pouches Theron
Antifreeze, coolant, and glycol Theron
Light bulbs/lamps, fluorescent, intact Theron
Arsenic or CCA pressure-treated wood & pallets Theron
Pens, crayons, makers, and pencils Theron
Asbestos, asbestos-containing materials Theron
Personal electronics (GPS Units, cameras, Mp3 players, etc.) Theron
Cartons, coated (milk, juice, broth, etc.) Theron
Food grade cooking oil Theron
Asphalt Theron
Scrap Metal Recycling Outlets in the CVSWMD Theron
Automobiles, vehicles, cars and trucks Theron
Glass Bottles and Jars, Broken Theron
Ballasts, PCB, for fluorescent lights Theron
Covid-19 Home Test Kits Theron
Batteries, household (single use & rechargeable, automotive-lead acid, marine/boat) Theron
Masks, Face Theron
Books, hardcover Theron
Boxboard Theron
Flower pots, plant pots, ceramic or clay Theron
Bread tabs Theron