Safer Choices - Personal Care Products

Third Party Certifications

Some personal care products contain chemicals that can be harmful to human and environmental health. Look for third party certifications from groups like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and EPA Safer Choice. Learn more about how to reduce toxics in your home here

Here's a list of chemicals to avoid:

• Phthalates (plasticizers that cause human reproductive harm)
• Parabens (preservatives that are endocrine disruptive to humans)
• Formaldehyde (preservative and human carcinogen)
• Siloxane (solvent and carcinogen. Drug name often ends in -methicone)
• Diethanolamine (carcinogenic mixing agent, also known as DEA, TEA)
• Oxybenzone and Octinoxate (found in sunblock: disrupts hormones and kills coral reefs)
• Triclosan (an endocrine disruptive antibacterial found in some soaps)
• Microbeads (tiny plastic particles that accumulate toxins and poison fish)