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2x2 Rule admin
Additional Recyclables Collection Center, CVSWMD’s ARCC admin
Aerosol cans, empty, food grade & personal care products cassandra
Aerosol cans, empty, toxics (pesticides, paint, solvents, etc.) Theron
Aerosol cans, not empty, toxics (pesticides, paint, solvents, etc.) Theron
Air conditioners, AC window units admin
All Cycle Transfer Station Theron
All Metals Recycling Theron
All this stuff? admin
Aluminum: cans, pie plates, foil, siding, etc. (smaller than 4x4 feet) Theron
Ammonia Theron
Ammunition Theron
Antifreeze, coolant, and glycol Theron
Appliances, large, metal (aka “white goods” refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, etc.) cassandra
Appliances, small (microwaves, coffee makers, blenders, etc.) cassandra
Architectural Salvage Warehouse Theron
Arsenic or CCA pressure-treated wood & pallets Theron
Asbestos admin
Asbestos, asbestos-containing materials Theron
Asphalt Theron
Asphalt shingles, new, reusable Theron
Asphalt shingles, nonreusable Theron
Auto Parts Stores Theron
Automobiles, vehicles, cars and trucks Theron
Automotive fluids - transmission, gear, crankcase, and motor oil Theron
Autozone Theron
Baby food squeeze pouches Theron
Bags, purses, backpacks Theron
Ballasts, non-PCB, for fluorescent lights Theron
Ballasts, PCB, for fluorescent lights Theron
Batteries admin
Batteries, household (single use & rechargeable, automotive-lead acid, marine/boat) Theron
Batteries, large Lithium (Li or Li-ion) (E-bike, E-lawnmower, E-chainsaw, etc.) Theron
Batteries, large Lithium Ion (electric car, industrial, solar system) cassandra
Batteries, lithium-ion, damaged or swollen Theron
Beer bottle caps Theron